National Service Scheme

Programme officer :

Mr. Purushottam Gajbhiye

Assistant Professor

NSS Programme Officer,

Sevadal Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur

Department Information :

National Service Scheme (NSS) is a community service programme. This scheme encourages the team spirit and national unity. The concept behind the formation of NSS is very pious which aims to provide an opportunity to the students to work with the people living in the rural area. It makes students understand the problems of the people and develop helping attitude. The role of students is very important in building strong and healthy nation.

Sevadal Mahila Mahavidhyalaya, NSS Unit Committee : -

(i) Mr. Purushottam Gajbhiye, NSS Programme Officer

(ii) Mrs. Arti Durugkar, NSS Co-Programme Officer

(iii) Dr. Girish Kawale (Member)

(iv) Dr. Mrs. Meghali Joharapurkar (Member)

(v) Mrs. Sangamitra Kolarkar (Member)

(vi) Mr. Sharad Bakade (Member)

(vii) Mr. Navin Khandekar (Member)

Aims :

NSS aims to develop the personality of students through community service.

Objectives of NSS : -

The specific objectives of the National service Scheme are to arouse social conscience in the students and provide them an opportunity:

1. To work with the people

2. To engage in creative and constructive social actions.

3. To enhance their knowledge of the community living in the villages.

4. To add skill in developing democratic leadership.

5. To acquire the skill to enable one ready for self-employment.

6. To bridge the chasm between the educated and the uneducated masses.

7.To encourage the spirit to serve the weaker section of the community.

Admission Norms for NSS : -

1. The term for every admitted student in the NSS is two years

2. Annual residential camp for constructive activities to the nearby village is compulsory for NSS students.

3. Only after completion of destined activities, student is entitled to get a certificate from the institute. .

Code of conduct for NSS students : -

1. All volunteers should work under the guidance and rules framed by the NSS Programme Officer.

2. They should make themselves worthy of the confidence and cooperation of the group / community leadership.

3. They should not get engaged into any controversial issues.

4. They should keep day-to-day record of their activities in the enclosed pages of the given diary and submit to the NSS Programme Officer for the guidance.

5. It is essential for every volunteer to wear the NSS badge while on work.

6. Disciplined & sincere work is expected from the NSS volunteers.

Adoption of Village and the activities : -

Maintaining solidarity with the aims and objectives of NSS, a college NSS Unit has adopted the village, Bahadura, Dist. Nagpur with the vision to help the villagers live in the better social and economic environment.

Activities from 2016 to till date
2016-17 a) Save Bird Campaign, b)Blood Donation Camp, c) Swachchha Bharat Campaign d)Annual Camp, Narsala, e) Wildlife Week Celebration View Document
2017-18 a) Save Bird Campaign, b)Blood Donation Camp, c) Swachchha Bharat Campaign d)Annual Camp, Narsala, e) Conducted Gandhi VicharPariksha, f) Wildlife Week Celebration View Document
2018-19 a)Constitution Day Celebration, b)Eye & Organ Donation Programme, c)Annual Camp, Bahadura, d) Conducted Gandhi VicharPariksha, e) Participation in State & University level NSS Camps f) Wildlife Week Celebration View Document
2019-20 a) International Yoga Day and World Music Day, b)Tree Plantation Rally at Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur, c)Participation in National Population Day and No TobaccoDay Programme organized by NSS RTM Nagpur University Nagpur, d)Tree Plantation at Bahadura Village, e) Participation in Programme on ‘Women’s and Girls’ Security’ f)‘Yuvanche Preranasthan: Shahid Bhagat Singh – Ek Samvad’ Programme: g) Mahatma Gandhi Birth Anniversary Programme h) Indian Constitution Day Programme and Constitution Day Rally i) NSS Volunteers’ Participation in Self Defence Workshop j) ‘Rashtragaan’ programme by LokKavi Suresh Malve k) Ten NSS volunteers participation in University level NSS camp at Parshivni, Dist. Nagpur l)NSS Volunteer’s Participation in ‘National Integration Camp’ m) College NSS Special Camp held at Bahadura n) Participation in Narithon o) Social Awareness against the spread of COVID-19 Virus View Document
2020-21 a) Tree Plantation Program, b) Constitution DayProgramme, c) Blood Donation Camp , d)Netaji Subhashchandra Bose Birth Anniversary Celebration Poster Competition , e) Swami Vivekanand Birth Anniversary Celebration Quiz Competition f) Participation at Two Day Online Workshop organized on ‘Covid-19 and Vaccination Awareness’ g) Anti-Terrorism Day Pledge Reading View Document
2021-22 a) Inter-collegiate Two Days’ Yoga Workshop on ‘Yoga for Holistic Development’ b) Blood Donation Camp in collaboration with Devta Life Foundation c) Tree Plantation Campaign in Collaboration with Gayatri Parivar Trust, Nagpur d) National Service Scheme Foundation Day e) Mazi Vasundhara Abhiyan f) International Disaster Management Day g) Constitution Day Programme h) Covid Vaccination Camp i) Santaji Jagnade Maharaj Birth Anniversary j) Participation of NSS volunteer at National Integration Camp, West Bengal k) Artificial Nests for Birds Project l) Conservation of Santaji Jagnade Maharaj Statue and Cleanliness of Premises m) Road Safety Awareness and Accident Free Premises Programme n) Break the Bias and Run for Equality Marathon o) NSS Volunteers’ Participation at State Level National Service Scheme Camp at Parshivani, Dist. Nagpur p) NSS Volunteers’ Participation at University Level One Day Workshop on ‘Scientific Temperament and Youth for SelfReliant India’ q) Plastic Eradication and Cleanliness Campaign at Raj Bhavan, Nagpur r) Participation of NSS volunteer at National Integration Camp, Mumbai s) National Service Scheme Special Camp, Bahadura Dist: Nagpur t) Conclusion View Document
2016-17 - 2021-22 a)Introduction, b)Guest Lecture at Wardha, c)Guest Lecture at Department of Pali Prakrit and Buddhist Studies, d) Eye donation and filling up the consent forms , e) Participation at the State Level Seminar f) Mass Awareness through Posters at Crematoriums g) 219 Students of the college pledged for Organ Donation h) Co-operation in Body Donation of Prof. Jaimini Kadu i) Guest Speech at Maharashtra Jivan Pradhikaran, Nagpur j) Organ Donation Awareness Week by Newspaper daily Sakal k)IAS officer pledges for Body and Organ Donation l) Felicitation by Cardiological Society of India m) Principal of the college pledges for body donation n) Mass Resolution for Organ and Body Donation o) Co-operation in Kidney, Liver and Eye Donation p) Eye Donation by rs. Aashatai Sheshrao Kamble q) Eye Donation by rs. Aashatai Sheshrao Kamble r) 40 pledges for Eye & Body Donation s) Eye Donation by Shri. Subhash Soundarkar t) Guest Lecture Eye, Blood, Body and Organ Donation u) Eye Donation by Shri. Krushnarao Chandekar v) National Conference on ‘Relevence of Body- Organ Donation in National Integrity’ w) Eye and Body Donation by Shri Kapurchand Dongre x) Eye and Body Donation by Shri Shivnath Jibhe y) Guest Lecture at Shri Niketan Arts and Commerce College, Nagpur z) Body Donation by Shri Shrikant Vasudeo Tirpude A)Guest Lecture on ‘Body DonationOrgan Donation Need of Hour’ B) Guest Lecture on ‘Organ Donation, Body Donation : Illusion and Reality’ C) Publication of Books on Body, Organ and Eye Donation D) Co-operation in Body and Eye Donation of Savitribai Durgadasji Rakshak E) Conclusion View Document