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The Department of Chemistry under the faculty of Home Science was established in July 1996. The faculty of Home Science was started in Sevadal Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur, from the year 1996. The programme offered an Undergraduate Graduate type named as B.Sc. Home Science. It is a three year degree programme. Chemistry is one of the subjects of this programme

The students who have passed the XII standard Examination of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education or an examination recognized as equivalent there to under the following faculties - Science / Home Science / Commerce / MCVC / Arts with English (Higher or Lower) can admit to this programme. The students who have passed the XII standard Examination from other states can also admit to this programme with proper documents like migration certificate of their state and eligibility certificate from Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur, as the college is permanently affiliated with this university. The programme is a grant in aid programme.

The following are be the examinations leading to the Degree of B.Sc. Home Science, namely –

  • B.Sc. Home Science, Semester I Examination
  • B.Sc. Home Science, Semester II Examination
  • B.Sc. Home Science, Semester III Examination
  • B.Sc. Home Science, Semester IV Examination

The students have to learn following papers of subject Chemistry –

  • In Semester I, paper is Basic Chemistry I
  • In Semester II, paper is Basic Chemistry II
  • In Semester III, paper is Applied Chemistry I
  • In Semester IV, paper is Applied Chemistry II


  • Completion of course in due time as per the syllabus.
  • Healthy atmosphere in college premises.
  • Qualified teaching staff.
  • Basic facility of classroom and laboratory is available.
  • Periodical assessment through mid-term and end-term examinations.
  • The excellent results observed in the university examination are due to constant effort by staff.
  • The teaching aids used by the staff are modern and helps the students to learn the subject thoroughly.
  • In Semester I and II students learn about the basic concepts of chemistry like methods of purification of water, alloy, physical properties of liquid, colloids, fuels, organic compounds and corrosion.
  • In Semester III and IV students learn about the applied concepts of chemistry like carbohydrates, fermentation, oils and fats, soaps and detergents, polymers, dyes, drugs, textile chemistry, cosmetics, essential oils and perfumes.


Sr. No. Courses Subject/Paper University Course Website Link
1 B.Sc.( Home Science) Semester I Basic Chemistry I
2 B.Sc.( Home Science) Semester II Basic Chemistry II
3 B.Sc.( Home Science) Semester III Applied Chemistry I
3 B.Sc.( Home Science) Semester IV Applied Chemistry II

Faculty/Course Semester Subject Distribution of Marks
Theory + Internal Assessment Practical+ Internal Assessment Total
B.Sc. I Year Sem. I Chemistry 40 + 10 NA 50
Sem. II Chemistry 40 + 10 20 + 05 75
B.Sc. II Year Sem. III Chemistry 40 + 10 NA 50
Sem. IV Chemistry 40 + 10 20 + 05 75


Dr. P. S. Deshpande


  • Extraction of Fe2O3 from red mud.
  • Application of Fe2O3 for degradation of some synthetic textile dyes in aquatic environment.


In the summer 2016 University theory examination the student of B.Sc. Home Science final, Miss Nikita Nichani secured 1st merit rank.


  • Sufficient chemicals to conduct the regular practicals in the laboratory.
  • Sufficient space is available to perform the practicals safely.
  • Equipment like physical balance, digital pH meter is available to conduct the regular practical
  • Constructed area of the laboratory is 80.92 square meter.


Sr. No. Name of Faculty Member Qualification Designation Work Experience (in years) Research Areas
1 Dr. Pravin. Sudhakar Deshpande M.Sc. Ph.D. Assistant Professor 23 Years Extraction of Fe2O3 from red mud (Aluminium industry waste) as a photocatalyst for degradation of some synthetic textile dyes in aquatic environment.


Mr. Dilip Yende


Educational tour for the students of B.Sc. Home Science was organized to Mumbai (SNDT University) – Goa, from the date 01/02/2017 to 07/02/2017. In this tour 24 students and 03 staff members of the college participated.


Name of the faculty member International National
Dr. P. S. Deshpande 06 05

Dr. P. S. Deshpande
Sevadal Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur.
Mobile No. - 9423637751
E-mail –