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The ultimate vision of the institute is to build the honest characters and to propel growth and development creating conducive and healthy academic environment. With the vision to impart value education to the students from all strata of life, management always encourage teaching staff to develop holistic approach that enhances collaborative and professional relationships with various competent industries and research institutes.

  • To stimulate the academic environment for promotion of quality in teaching-learning and research in higher education.
  • To encourage self-evaluation and accountability among the students.
  • To undertake quality-related research studies, consultancy and training programmes.


Institute’s sole mission is to impart quality education to the students embodying literary, scientific, commercial, mental-moral, social scientific temperament. Institute is also on mission to make students responsible citizen in complex democratic society. The main objective of the institution is to transform the students into well-rounded citizens through a committed pattern of instruction based on carefully prepared and meticulously designed curricular aspects. The changing needs of the time are the basis for building a rich corps of talent.

  • To provide quality higher education to the students
  • To inculcate research aptitude among the students
  • To promote the use of technology
  • To inculcate a value system among students
  • To foster global competencies among students