Program Outcomes
POs of B.Sc. (Science) PO1- Acquainted with the knowledge of concern subjects. PO2- Communication skill developed in English and also in the mother tongue. PO3- Social interaction increases and become more responsible towards society. PO4- Understand the current issue of environment science and can think for sustainable development. PO5- Acquire the ability to engage in independent and lifelong learning process with respect to socio-technological changes.
POs of M.Sc. Zoology PO1: Understand the Structure and Functions of Nonchordates and Chordates, General Physiology, Advanced Reproductive Biology, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. PO2: Perform the laboratory procedures in the areas of Nonchordate and Chordate Taxonomy, General Physiology and Molecular Biology. PO3: Analyse the relationship among man and parasites. Understand the concepts of Immunology. Understand the Ecosystems and Communities, Adaptations and Animal Behaviour. PO4: Perform the laboratory procedures in Immunology and Environmental Biology. PO5: It helps to provide holistic career development in securing job for lifelong learning. PO6: It develop research attitude in various branches of Zoology
POs of M.Sc. Environment Science PO1- It helps to develop the affection towards the scientific research. PO2- It helps to understand the effect of water, air and soil pollution on biodiversity of the earth. PO3- It helps to understand the effect of climate change on plants and animals. PO4- It helps to understand the importance of natural resources. PO5- It helps to understand the concept of sustainable development using land or energy sources to meet today’s needs using a method that will not deprive the future generation. PO6- It helps to understand the importance of compost, eutrophication, zero emission, conventional energy sources, etc.
POs of M.Sc. Chemistry PO1- It helps to grab research opportunities to pursue Ph.D. PO2- It helps to develop the ability to crack the target of CSIR-NET examination. PO3- It creates job opportunities at pharmaceuticals as chemists, in material industries, in food products, in petrochemicals. PO4- It develops the skill in problem solving and analytical reasoning as applied to scientific problems. PO5- It develops the skill in handling sophisticated instruments like Spectrophotometer, Titration analyzer, Polarimeter, Refractometer, Flame-photometer. PO6- It helps to carry out scientific experiments, to record the data and analyze the results.
POs of B.A. (Social Sciences) PO1- Developing ideas which are relevant and responsive to the world around. PO2- It helps students engage with the world in productive ways. PO3-Students will be able to work independently or collaboratively to achieve targeted goals. PO4- It promotes the inner creative ability to display human face in every walk of life. PO5-It boosts the communicative skill and put in commanding position of given subject. PO6-Helps in establishing facts with the prevalent social, economic, political assumptions. PO7- It develops the ability to think critically and analyze the various issues prevalent in the society. PO8- It helps one to become good citizen.
POs of PhD in Zoology, Environment Science, Chemistry & Microbiology PO1- It develops the ability to identify and apply the knowledge within their research and academic discipline. PO2- It develops the ability to extract the relevant knowledge from available sources and to access the quality and validity of that knowledge in sophisticated manner. PO3- It develops the ability to apply core knowledge to interpret and evaluate past and emerging research. . PO4- It develops the ability to apply the scientific methodologies in his research program. PO5- It develops the ability to develop new methods which is helpful to carry the research work. PO6- It develops the ability to write a thesis that builds on justification for the research presented in the proposal. PO7- It develops the ability to interpret the results in a proper context of the past research. PO8- It develops the ability to express his research work in the form of research paper in refereed journals in its field. PO9- It develops the ability to communicate the research and new information to the global level.