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NATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION COUNCIL (NAAC) is an autonomous body established by the University Grants Commision (UGC) of India to assess and accredit institutions of higher educations in the country. It is an outcome of the recommendations of the National Policy in Education (1986) which laid special emphasis on upholding the quality of higher education i India. To address the issues of quality, the National Policy on Education(1986) and the Plan of Action (PQA-1992) advocated the establishmento of an independent national accreditation body. Consequently, the NAAC was established in 1994 with its headquarters at Bengaluru.

NAAC, Bengaluru has given five core value to be fulfilled by the Higher Education Institution.

The Values are

  • Contributing to National Development
  • Fostering Global Competencies among Students
  • Inculcating a Value Sytem among Students
  • Promoting the Use of Technology
  • Quest for Excellence

In addition to these values the institutions has given emphasis on the inculcation of human values among the students through various activities conducted throughout the academic year.

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