Faculty & Level of study
Core subject/ Group Options
Programme system
B.Sc. Science


English for B.Sc. Semester-I and II only Marathi/Hindi/Supplementary English (any one of this) for B.Sc. Semester-I and II only

Combinations: any one

Chemistry/Microbiology/Zoology, Chemistry/Microbiology/Botany, Chemistry/Environmental Science/Zoology, Chemistry/Environmental Science/Botany, Chemistry/Botany/Zoology, Chemistry/Microbiology/Biotechnology, Chemistry/Microbiology/Biochemistry, Chemistry/Zoology/Biotechnology, Chemistry/Mathematics/Physics, Chemistry/Physics/Computer Science

M.Sc. Science
1. Chemistry
2. Environmental Science
3. Zoology
Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)/ Semester
Career Oriented Program
Certificate; Diploma and Advanced Diploma Course in Water Conservation and Management Certificate; Diploma and Advanced Diploma Course in Medical Laboratory Technology; Self Funded Course on Basic Computer Training: English, Computer Speed Test (30 w.p.m.)
Course duration is six weeks to three months
Ph.D. Science
Chemistry, Microbiology, Environmental Science, Zoology
B.Sc. (Home Science)
    B.Sc.-I (Home Science)
  1. Fundamentals of Food Science and Nutrition
  2. Fundamentals of Textile and Clothing
  3. Fundamentals of Home Science Extension
  4. Fundamentals of Human Development
  5. Fundamentals of Resource Management
  6. Ecology and Environment
  7. Basic Chemistry
  8. Applied Physics
  9. English and Communication Skills
    B.Sc.-II (Home Science)
  1. Family and Community Nutrition
  2. Early Childhood Education and Adolescent Development
  3. Textile Designing and Printing
  4. Interior Design and Decoration
  5. Community Development and Management
  6. Applied Physiology
  7. Applied Chemistry
  8. Applied Physics and Computer Application
    B.Sc.-III (Home Science)
  1. Diet Therapy
  2. Family Dynamics and Counseling
  3. Advanced Pattern of Fashion Designing
  4. Resource Management
  5. Extension Training Management
  6. Community Health and Family Welfare
  7. Nutritional Biochemistry
Career Oriented Program
Home Science
Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Course in Textile Designing
Six Months/ One Year/ One Year
Arts, B.A
Compulsory Subjects
Students have to select any three subjects from following combinations.
Home Economics and Music
Political Science and Economics
Sociology and History
Geography and Psychology
English Literature and Marathi Literature
Career Oriented Program
Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Course in Communicative English
Three months