Department Of Home Economics


Department of Home Economics was established in 1998 in Arts faculty. This course is a Grant in Aid course under R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur. The department has well-equipped laboratory to cater to the needs of students admitted to this course. At UG level, the basic information about the subject is given to the students in which they study about the process of self-employment, nutritional information such as what we consume and how to live healthy family life. This subject helps students to gain and enhance their skills in flower arrangement, embroidery, dyeing, block printing, fabric painting, Best from waste specifically in interior decoration, knitting, stitching, nutritional recipes and marketing which leads to the development of entrepreneurship ability. They also gain both theoretical and practical knowledge about elements of arts, principles of arts, principles of self employment, function of food, improvement in the nutritional quality of food, diet therapy, creative ability related to children-leading to enhanced employability, etc. Other facilities involve the department library that has a good collection of text books and reference books.


  • Well qualified teaching staff
  • Well equipped laboratory
  • Excellent Result
  • Consistent improvement of the student performance in the university exam
  • Certificate course
  • MOU signed with NGO, Navjeevan society, Wanjri, Nagpur, to develop academic, educational co-operation and to create awareness on socio economic –mental health, legal issues among the students as well as society.
  • The concept of “Women empowerment” could be implemented through the awareness programmes as well as providing educational facilities to the students
  • Workshop on skill Development


Faculty/Course Semester Subject Distribution of Marks Total Marks
Theory Theory Internal Practical Practical Internal
B.A.I Sem. I Family Resource Management 40 10 40 10 100
Sem. II Family Resource Management 40 10 40 10 100
B.A.II Sem. III Nutrition and Dietetics 40 10 40 10 100
Sem. IV Nutrition and Dietetics 40 10 40 10 100
B.A.III Sem. V Child Development 40 10 40 10 100
Sem. VI Child Development 40 10 40 10 100


Mrs. S.D. Kolarkar

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Women empowerment, mental health, child development.


Sr. No. Title of the Projects Funding Agency Principal investigator / co-investigator Complete / Ongoing
1. Gramin Mahilanna Swayamrojgarasathi Bakery Prashikshanadware Rojgaras Prerana Denara Upakram. UGC Ms. S. D. Kolarkar (Manwatkar) March 2009 Completed

1) 84 Sq. Meter area of the lab.
2) Major Instruments and Equipments available :

  • Micro Wave Oven
  • Food Processor
  • Weighing Machine
  • Toaster
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Sewing Machine
  • Refrigerator


Workshop Organized :- 02

  1. Five Days workshop on “Food Preservation” Dated- 6th to10th January, 2015.

  1. Five Days workshop on “Food Preservation”

Seminars Organized :- 01

National Interdisciplinary Seminar on “Significance of Language and Social Science in the Age of Information Technology.” on dated 4th September 2015.

Guest Speaker Dr. Neeta Shah on the Topic- “Emotional Intelligence: the tool of women empowerment in technical Era.”

Guest Lecture Organized :- 08

  1. Guest lecture on Personality Development by Fiza Khwza. Date: 1st September, 2018
  2. Guest lecture on Paper Art and Self Employment, by Jitendra Roy on dated 5th February, 2018.
  3. Guest Lecture on “Relationship” Nilesh Lanjewar, Trainer, JCI India, Nagpur Pratibha Zon - On Dated 11th September, 2017
  4. Guest Lecture on Nutritional Awareness by Mrs. Nilima Deshmukh, Date: 22nd December, 2017
  5. Guest lecture on Women Equaility by Maitreye Kale. Date : 26th August, 2015
  6. Guest Lecture on “Legal Awareness-Nari Suraksha Adhiniyam”by Adv. Phillomin.
  7. Workshop & Guest Lecture on Paper Bag Making by Mrs.Sangita Jethe, President of Vaishnavi Bahuudeshiya Sikshan Sanstha. Date : 1st January, 2016.
  8. Guest lecture on Skill Development by Ms. Sonali Mishra, Coordinator, Mitcon. Date: 30th July, 2016.


Sr. No. Name of Faculty Member Qualification Designation Work Experience Research Areas
1 Mrs. S. D. Kolarkar M.A., B.Ed. SET HOD & Assistant Professor 16 Years Women empowerment, Mental health, personality development.
2 Dr. Mrs. P.A. Chinchkhede M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., SET, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 10 Years Child Development

  1. Dinshaw & Coca Cola Industry
  1. Students enjoying the excursion to Vedant Valley on 16th February, 2018

Programme under MoU at Navjeevan Society, Wanjri, Nagpur on dated 20th February, 2018

Guest lecture delivered on the topic of Women Empowerment at Navjeevan Society, Wanjri.

  1. Awareness Activity – Plastic Nirmulan Preparation of Paper Packets & Donated, Run by Department
  2. COVID-19 Awareness Activity- Hand Wash and Mask Distribution by the Students, Department of Home Economics
  3. Demonstration of Homemade Hand wash and Masks

Research Papers :

Name Journal Conference
Ms. S. D. Kolarkar 09 10
Dr. P. A. Chinchkhede 12 11


  1. Mrs. Sanghmitra D. Kolarkar,
    Head ,
    Department of Home Economics,
    Sevadal Mahila Mahavidyalaya,
    Sakkardara Chowk, Umrer Road, Nagpur - 440024
    Mob. No. 9923121120

  2. Dr. Mrs. Prabha Chinchkhede,
    Department of Home Economics,
    Sevadal Mahila Mahavidyalaya,
    Sakkardara Chowk, Umrer Road, Nagpur - 440024
    Mob. No. 8055718797